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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

Adam Robinson


Great time working out. It has been almost a year since I flipped that tire but I still use the strength and endurance that I gained in everyday life. Fantastic personal trainer. He loves to make random noises when hes bored.

Adam Robinson - Jul 20, 2015 - Add Testimonial

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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

Christina Depathy


In September of 2014 I was feeling tired, depressed and discouraged about getting into a wedding dress for my upcoming wedding. I was approaching my mid thirties and already suffering from hypertension. My cholesterol was creeping up with every blood draw. I was working out on my own several days a week and was seeing no improvement in my body or mood. I went to my gym and said “I think I need that thing with the ropes in the center of the gym but I don’t think I can do it.” I was encouraged to try and began doing Beast Boot Camp twice a week with Mark. After the first month I saw immediate results. Mark saw potential in me that I clearly never saw in myself. I trusted the process and let him push me physically and mentally. After several months of Mark’s training I emerged with a new body, a driven spirit and a belief in myself that I never had before. By June of 2015 I was off all blood pressure medication that I had been on since I was 20 years old. I had a healthy pregnancy and now have a beautiful healthy baby girl. I feel strong, confident, healthy, happy and looking forward to continuing my fitness journey. Thank you Mark.

Christina Depathy - Jun 23, 2015 - Add Testimonial

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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

Dita Fraser

Figure Competitor/ Sports Model

I remember when I first met Mark Featherstone at Powerhouse Gym in Plymouth. I was fascinated by what he did with his clients and how he was able to push them further than what they thought was their own physical capabilities. I wanted that. I wanted honesty, guidance and talent in a trainer... and thats exactly what I got, and some. I went to Mark throughout the training preparation of my second Figure Competition in Las Vegas. I had the "Go Big or Go Home" mentality, as did he- LITTERALY! Every workout we did together would become my personal best. Leg day with this man is a historic event. His Tabatas and Bootcamp are an addiction- nonstop, fat burning, muscle gaining, high intensity interval training. He pushes me to push myself, and for that I am so grateful. Marks knowledge of the human body and different muscle groups is astonishing. His range of expertise is evident in the diversity of clients he trains. No matter what your goal is, Mark can help you reach it. All he asks for in return is your hard work and dedication.

Dita Fraser - May 27, 2015 - Add Testimonial

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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

Sarah Clifford

Endorses Mark Featherstone - The Beast!

Where do I even begin? My mom had just finished cancer treatment and we were still morning the loss of my brother. We both had always been into fitness and learning about nutrition, but now it was more important than ever. Without a positive outlook on life, there was NO way we were going to make it. Well, thats when we both rejoined the gym. I started lifting weights again and getting back into the "gym groove". I sat back and watched some of Marks Boot Camp classes and thought, "I want to do that...it looks so challenging". A few weeks later, I signed up. This was the beginning of the end. Marks passion for motivating others is so contagious and I refer to it as a "drug". Although I almost puke at every class, I still anxiously await the next one. The first Boot Camp I attended was in November of 2013. I start my next round of Boot Camp tomorrow night. Im physically stronger than Ive ever been, but more importantly, Im mentally stronger. Mark knew and KNOWS what I am capable of and he wont allow for anything but my best. Needless to say, I bought my mom training sessions with Mark for Christmas. She called me after the first session as if she had just won a million dollars.."Im back Sarah, Im back!" The confidence in her voice was amazing and I had not heard this type of excitement from her in months. Marks training goes deeper and well beyond building physical strength. He helps people to see whats been hiding down deep inside of them. He digs and he digs a little deeper. He has provided my mom and I with the confidence and support that we needed to get our heads back in the "game." His knowledge for fitness and passion for motivating others is endless. We love Mark and recommend him highly to anyone whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete.

Sarah Clifford - May 27, 2015 - Add Testimonial

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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

Kristin Fonseca

WNBF Pro Bodybuilder

2011 WNBF Pro World Championships 2nd place LW class
2012 WNBF Pro American Champion
2013 WNBF Pro Masters LW Champion
2013 WNBF Pro World Championships 2nd place LW class
2014 WNBF World Championships 2nd place LW class

I love competitive natural bodybuilding. I always consider myself a work in progress. I want to step on the stage each year with improvements to my physique. I've wanted a Training Coach with the knowledge of biomechanics to help me bring my physique to that next level. Mark Featherstone has designed a program to help fit my needs and in less than 6 weeks I started to see results. Each morning I can't wait to get into the gym and train hard. He pushes me harder than I've trained in over 25 years. He has helped me correct my form enabling me to get the most from each exercise. With his guidance I know I am making improvements. I am really looking forward to seeing what I bring to the 2014 season.

Kristin Fonseca - May 27, 2015 - Add Testimonial

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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

Robyn Mays

WNBF World Fitbody Champion

Being new to weight training & bodybuilding I had a lot to learn and wanted to do it right. My weak areas were chest and arms & they were also my least favorite body parts to train. A fellow competitor, Kristin Fonsesca told me about this guy she trained with Mark Featherstone aka "The Beast" I contacted Mark and set up a day to go down & train arms with him. Right from the start I knew he was what I needed! First thing he asked was did I have any injuries or areas of concern. He took me through a grueling workout which he named "Armageddon". Mark explained every exercise did and which muscles I was using and corrected my form when needed. He also knew when to push me to take me out my comfort zone. I left that day thoroughly impressed at what I was capable of & knew I would be coming back to see him. I have since trained with him several times & there has been significant improvements in my weak areas. Mark is the "real deal"! He will teach you to train the right way with knowledge not ego! Look at my progress pics they say it all.....the way of the Beast

Robyn Mays - May 25, 2015 - Add Testimonial

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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

Melanie Wilcox

BJJ Fighter

Mark Featherstone is the best! His strength workouts and his fighter intervals sessions have immensely improved my training. He is patient, conscientious, and extremely knowledgeable about what fighters need to improve--strength as well as conditioning and explosive power. His help is vital to my success in competition. I highly recommend him to anyone (fighter or otherwise) who is looking to improve his/her physical fitness.

Melanie Wilcox - Jun 09, 2015 - Add Testimonial

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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

Rob Galibois


Mark Featherstone. Where to begin. From that laser focus eye contact and steadfast attention to spot on advice and unfailing encouragement .... Mark is the torch bearer in physical strength training and conditioning. He listens completely to each client's needs and desires. He formulates strategies to accomplish goals. He motivates thru his wisdom. If you are sincere about improving yourself through physical training then Mark will undeniably direct you to your goal. And the relationship you will establish along the way remains with you as you depart the gym and engage in your everyday life. And that, that, is what will distinguish Mark's influence from any other trainer you have known. All of us who have worked with Mark love him. Love. Him. You will yearn for his instruction because you will notice results within yourself. Others may be complimentary about the change in your appearance .... but you will know that the change has come from within. And that, that, is everything. I invite to you contact Mark.

Rob Galibois - Jun 08, 2015 - Add Testimonial

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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

James Suchy

Endorses Mark Featherstone The Beast!!

I met Mark "The Beast" approximately 4 years ago. I was actively competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and looking to gain strength to reach that next level. After four weeks, not only I notice a difference, but my training partners as well. Marks knowledge of biomechanics doesn't limit himself to just athletes. After having surgery, Mark assisted in my rehab. In what seemed to be 2 short months, I was almost back to 100%!! Mark knows how to bring out the "beast"/best in people. Whatever goal you have, Mark can help you achieve it. For everything Mark has done for me, he is more than a trainer... He is family

James Suchy - Jun 04, 2015 - Add Testimonial

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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

Elisangela Sampaio


I stopped being sedentary now I'm a little Beast! I was blessed to meet Mark in April 2014 when I had a sedentary life. After doing 10 training sessions l was impressed, started training for vanity and it became a passion... I could returned to training in December 2014 and continue to this day. I'm so glad I training with the BEAST. He is energetic and have a positive attitude, always push me to my best and I achieved amazing results. Mark is knowledgeable about all the different muscle groups to work and his workout are never boring, we also have a lot of fun. BEAST is a coach who will kick your butt because he cares. I highly recommend you take the time with Mark and l guarantee you will not regret a single moment.

Elisangela Sampaio - Jun 03, 2015 - Add Testimonial

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