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Let's Start New

Let's Start New

Ahhhhh...So happy to have this site up and running again.As many of you know last year My Number 1 Heavyweight Cage Fighter Juliano Banana Coutinho and myself started working on a new BJJ and Strength and Conditioning Academy in Hyannis on Cape Cod MA.My initial plan was to open that up so I could have a specific place to work with Fighters and I wanted to stay at Powerhouse as well to work with people further north.Well in October Gracie Fitness opened and in February Powerhouse and I had an ugly divorce. All this time my website was frozen and I was unable to add to it in any way. I finally found a new Web Master this spring and here you have the new website...I will start to update pictures from Gracie Fitness and start asking a few of you out there for Testimonials over the next few weeks...I love this new website I am head over heels in love with Gracie Fitness and everything we are accomplishing there and of course I love all of your support all of these years!!Thank you so much!!

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Author: BEAST | Published: May 31, 2015

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