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Helping You Avoid Assistance

Helping You Avoid Assistance

I am so proud and excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Anytime Fitness in Plymouth in creating a few excellent healthy NEW choices for Group Training!!

Anytime Fitness and I have been working together behind the scenes to create a fun healthy and QUICK way to instill and maintain better health amp mobility for our Baby Boomer and active (sometimes inactive) adult populations.

Research has shown that up to 85 of our mature adult population needs Assisted Living Programs simply for help with standing up and sitting down during their daily activities. We believe that group sessions of between 2 amp 6 people working together towards the same goal will be a great way to get and to keep people active amp out of assisted living programs!

More information will follow including prices dates times and where and how to sign up over the next few weeks... If you are or if you know of anyone who would be interested in these programs please spread the word...

30 Minute Group Senior Stability Session...
This will be a 30minute mix of body weight and machine exercises designed to give Mature Adults leg and core strength to keep their ability to remain active strong and healthy.

30 Minute Calorie Crushing Circuit...
This will be a 30minute mix of slightly more advanced exercises geared towards people who want to burn calories quickly and efficiently while keeping all of their muscles active strong and healthy.

We want to start these programs by the middle of February and run them in 6 week sessions. So many people need these programs and doing them with friends makes it so much more fun and energetic.

By this weekend we will have a full plan and you will be able to sign yourself family or friends up for this amazing program...

Thank you so much or your support and trust!!

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Author: BEAST | Published: Dec 09, 2016

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