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Page 1: In The Beginning
Page 2: One Step Closer

(I meant to write Page 1 yesterday in fact I did on my personal page. I will try to liven up both this and my fan page this year)

Some very big steps and changes are coming for This BEAST in 2016...
Ive spent the past 5 years moving mostly unidirectional with everything else remaining in my life my path being peripheral.
My body has changed and limitations I didnt have in the past have reared their ugly heads so I must evolve both physically and mentally...
I have a plan in action to do just that but its in its infantile stages and some major parts of it are "classified" and cannot be revealed until they come to fruition maybe never at all...
If you have lived and grown with me had faith in me felt hope for me or with me I hope you will continue to do so.
A HUGE part of my growth and evolution is being a part of YOUR growth and evolution so please pay attention and stay with me...
We will do great things!!
The Way Of The BEAST...

Photo Credit: www.barbrothers.com

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Author: BEAST | Published: Jan 02, 2016

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