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Today I will fill my day with small victories and happiness...
For over a year now I have been going into the gym to try and do the exercises I have always done with the goal of getting bigger and stronger.
Well with this degenerative disease I am no longer capable of lifting those weights so every time I went to lift I failed and I was reminded of what I am no longer able to do.
In real life as a Coach I can diagnose these issues and program new routines for any client that would go through this issue and keep them positive and upbeat and maybe even get them back to where they once were over time.
Also in real life I think most of us have a problem with giving and following our own advice even when it seems to be the most fundamental.
Im rewriting myself a new routine for each body part a 5 day program that will allow me to succeed and see results again and once again allow me to realize The BEAST that I am and not feel like half of or less than what I am capable of being...
In life the biggest and the strongest are not winners in every battle. The wise and the adaptable can be the biggest winners and the best survivors...
I did not become This BEAST by accident. I acquired knowledge and built my mind and body and then gave others the abilities to do the same in many directions...
This is a legacy I plan to continue...
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Author: BEAST | Published: Oct 09, 2015

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