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Big 5 Win Night at Cage Titans!!

Big 5 Win Night at Cage Titans!!

Gracie Fitness/ GFMMA/ Juniko Standings at Cage Titans FC
August 29th 2015:
Razzle: 3 rounds unanimous decision 30:27
Max: 3 rounds unanimous decision 29:28
Battles: TKO 1:41 into round 1
Sarah: KO 2:12 into round 3 giving her a 3rd Title Belt and making her Cage Titans Straw Weight Womens Champion
Peter: Standing Guillotine Choke 3:17 into round 1

Congratulations to ALL of our Gracie Fitness Team and Champions!!
We are so proud of all of you and happy to be your teammates!!

Keywords: Razzle, Battles, Click, Barrett, Gracie Fitness, Juniko

Author: BEAST | Published: Sep 05, 2015

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