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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

Mark "The Beast" Featherstone

Strength & Conditioning Coach


In 1991, I first became certified as a fitness instructor and I ventured out to begin a “career” in Fitness. Early on, I would travel to people's homes and train them how to properly use their exercise equipment. I sometimes found myself watching people run on their treadmill, and it was not very exciting.

Later, I began training people in local gyms. At this point in time, it was still pretty early on in the industry of personal fitness training. Gym owners, could not figure out how to handle a person who was earning money by using their equipment and facility. I personally thought I was very fair. I would have my client purchase a day-pass for me, on top of paying me for my time instructing them. The gym got money, I got money and the client learned how to safely use the equipment.

As we all know now, the gym didn’t think of that as "fair".

In 2010, I attended the National Personal Training Institute where I graduated at the top of my class. The course was intensive and focused heavily on topics such as human anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, nutrition, and more. I attended lectures, as well as, received practical hands on training. This course provided a valuable learning experience and served to validate all of the knowledge and experience I had acquired over my previous 18-19 years of training.

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