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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA

Mark "The Beast" Featherstone

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Mark Featherstone "The Beast", has been training athletes of all ages for over two decades and has established himself as one of the premier strength & conditioning coaches in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Mark is an aggresive physical fitness trainer who has devoted his life to helping others succeed in their own personal fitness goals. Often feared, and yet revered, for his relentless approach to personal fitness. Mark is well known for his aggressive training style and his demand for honesty, commitment, and persistence.

Part of Mark's secret sauce, is his unique ability to push people far beyond their personal breaking point. In doing so, he is able to help people reach goals they never thought possible.

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Mark Featherstone - Bulldog The Beast

The Beast!

Fitness Trainer, Bodybuilding Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach for teens, all athletes including Cage Fighters, Wrestlers, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Group Training, Tabata's Training, Functional Training, Metabolic Training, Nutrition Counseling...
I will find your limits and drive you right past them! It's what I love, it's what I do, and I'm really good at it - Mark Featherstone, The Beast!
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Bulldog the beast, fitness instructor Plymouth MA


Friday, May 24, 2013 6:52 PM

As a teacher, I always appreciate an opportunity to learn. Everything evolves, everything we know, especially in my industry. As a fitness expert, things change with every person we work with. In my opinion, the best teachers never stop being students - le mot du BEAST
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Beth T.

Summer Warrior Workout Program - Junior Beasts

Warrior Workouts is a great summer program for kids 12-15 years old. My children never complained about getting up at 7am for an 8am class. They both feel more confident playing their sport and look forward to going to the gym to work out. The program was much more than we expected and was of great value to them. I highly recommend the program, the gym and Mark as a trainer.
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Dita Fraser

Figure Competitor - Fitness Model - Beast

I remember when I first met Mark Featherstone, I was fascinated by what he did with his clients and how he was able to push them further than what they thought was their own physical capabilities. I wanted that. I wanted honesty, guidance and talent in a trainer… and that’s exactly what I got, and some.
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Kristin Fonseca

WNBF Pro Bodybuilder - Beast

I love competitive natural bodybuilding. I always consider myself a work in progress. I want to step on the stage each year with improvements to my physique. I've wanted a Training Coach with the knowledge of biomechanics to help me bring my physique to that next level. Mark Featherstone has designed a program to help fit my needs and in less than 6 weeks I started to see results.
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Juliano Coutinho

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Beast

My goal is to gain strength!!! 2 weeks into the camp with the Beast, I was amazed with the results!! If anyone doubts it.... I will pay for a camp with Mark Featherstone if in two weeks you don't notice the results. You don't need to pay me back!!! That's all!!!!
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